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New this semester - Spring Film Series!

FILM: Peaceable Kingdom, with introduction by Bruce Wagman
February 23 @ 6 pm (Boalt Hall, Rm 13)
Peaceable Kingdom is one of the most amazing and touching animal documentaries ever made, breaking generations of silence in the farm community. It tells the story about the interconnected life journeys of farm animals, former farmers, and animal rescuers struggling against an out of control industrial system.
Bruce is a partner at Morgenstein & Jubelirer and has been practicing animal law for over 13 years. Bruce teaches the animal law course at Boalt Hall as well as Hastings College of Law, Stanford Law School, and University of San Francisco Law School.

Sarah Schindler, Morrison & Foerster
February 28th at 12:45pm (Boalt Hall, Rm 14)
Sarah, from MoFo's Land Use and Environmental Law group, will come talk about her fight to protect marine mammals against the very dangerous effects of the U.S. Navy's powerful sonar system and discuss how to get environmental and animal law experience through pro bono work while at a large law firm.
Co-sponsored with ELS. Vegan lunch will be provided.

FILM: Off the Chain
March 15th @5:30pm (Boalt Hall, Rm 140)
Off the Chain is a documentary that the HSUS calls a "must see." Off the Chain is an unprecedented look at the American Pit Bull Terrier, tracing the history of the breed as a popular, loving, family dog and traveling into the back alleys of the inner city to expose the truth behind the breed's new status in pop culture--a symbol for violence, aggression, and gang-life. This is the fist documentary to infiltrate the underground subculture of pit-bull fighting. Graphic images of dog fighting are shown.

FILM with Camilla Fox, Animal Protection Institute
April 6th @12:45pm (Boalt Hall, Rm 123)
Camilla Fox, Director of Wildlife Programs for the Animal Protection
Institute (API), will screen API's award-winning video CULL OF THE WILD: The
Truth Behind Trapping. Featuring new and archival footage and exclusive
interviews with trappers, biologists, veterinarians, several members of
Congress, and wildlife advocates, CULL OF THE WILD: The Truth Behind
Trapping exposes the inherent cruelty of trapping and refutes the myths
perpetuated by trapping proponents. Ms. Fox, producer of CULL OF THE WILD and an expert on trapping, will then discuss issues pertaining to trapping, the fur trade, and predator control in the United States.

Camilla Fox is the Director of Wildlife Programs for the Animal Protection
Institute, a national non-profit animal advocacy organization headquartered
in Sacramento, California. Ms. Fox has been involved in wildlife and
environmental advocacy for more than fifteen years and is a noted expert and
frequent speaker on issues ranging from wildlife conflicts to predator
control, trapping and the international fur trade. She has authored more
than 50 publications and is co-author of the acclaimed books, "Coyotes in
Our Midst: Coexisting with an Adaptable and Resilient Carnivore," and "Cull
of the Wild: A Contemporary Analysis of Trapping in the United States." She
is also producer of the award-winning documentary "Cull of the Wild: The
Truth Behind Trapping." Camilla served as an appointed member on the U.S.
Secretary of Agriculture's National Wildlife Services Advisory Committee and
currently serves on various national and international coalitions and
advisory boards.

Working across the United States and headquartered in Sacramento,
California, the Animal Protection Institute (API) is a national non-profit
animal advocacy organization working to end animal cruelty and exploitation
through legislation, litigation and public education.
Co-sponsored with ELS. Vegan lunch will be provided.

FILM: Lolita: Slave to Entertainment
April 12 @ 5:30pm (Boalt Hall, Rm TBA)
Lolita: Slave to Entertainment is a grassroots independent documentary about Miami's biggest performer, Lolita, the killer whale. Rare interviews and undercover footage travel into the dark secrets of the multi-billion dollar marine theme park industry and the life of Lolita, who's been trapped entertaining people for over three decades.


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