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FALL 2005

Christine Garcia, Esq., The Animal Law Office
September 20 @ 12:45 (Boalt Hall, Rm 123)
Christine is one of the few full-time private animal law attorneys in the country. She went to Loyola University of Chicago Law School for her first two years, and finished her final year at Hastings College of Law. Her office, which she established in San Francisco in 2001, works solely on animal welfare related cases and focuses on preventing injury against animals, making those who injure animals accountable, defending animal rights activists, and preparing transactional documents for non-profits that specialize in the preservation and defense of animals.

Christine's current cases include
• defense of individuals that were arrested for passing out informational leaflets about animal deaths in front of Marine World and the Ringling Brothers Circus;
• a product liability claim due to death of a pet after a company assured the plaintiff the product was safe for animals;
• wrongful death claims, including police shootings and wrongful euthanasia.

Peter Knights, Co-founder and Executive Director, WildAid
November 01 @ 12:45 (Rm TBA)
Peter was formerly a program director and investigator working on illegal trade in endangered species for the Global Survival Network and a senior investigator for the Environmental Investigation Agency. He specialized in conducting on-site investigations globally and campaigning against the wild bird trade for pets, which resulted in 150 airlines banning the transport of wild birds, and consumption of endangered species, such as bear gall bladders, in traditional Chinese medicine. He has worked on conservation projects in over 40 countries.

Peter is a graduate of the London School of Economics with a B. Sc. in Economics and Associate Laureate of the Rolex Award for Enterprise given for his work on the Asian Conservation Awareness Program. He currently serves as Executive Director of WildAid and is on the Board of Directors, while also directing the Shark Conservation Program and Galapagos Forever.


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