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285.62 Animal Law
Instructor: Bruce Wagman

This course presents a survey of the historical and current status of this rapidly developing specialty. In brief, animal law encompasses all areas of the law in which the nature -- legal, social or biological -- of nonhuman animals is an important factor. This is not an animal rights course, although certainly the question of what rights animals should or do have will be raised as a natural consequence of reading the casebook. Rather, it is an objective and logical specialization of a challenging area -- one with a growing number of cases and laws, increasing public and practical interest, and significantly different historical, legal and philosophical foundations than most other courses.


The Animal Law Society was instrumental in convincing the law school administration that an Animal Law course was needed as part of Boalt Hall's extensive social justice and public interest cirriculum.

Bruce Wagman, the course instructor, is a partner at Morgenstein & Jubelirer and has been practicing animal law for over 13 years. Bruce teaches the animal law course at Boalt Hall as well as Hastings College of Law, Stanford Law School, and University of San Francisco Law School.

Bruce is also the co-author of "Animal Law," the first case book for animal law, now in its third edition.


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The Berkeleyan:
Four-legged Law Comes to Berkeley (Feb. 2005)
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