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Boalt Hall ALS was started in 2002 by a group of law students who care about animals and want to see a world were animals of all kinds are treated humanely and with respect and dignity.

Animal law involves any type of law that has to do with animals. A great overview of the variety of law animal law involves can be found at:

We hope that you come and join us and find out who we are. Our group has been steadily growing and it has been an exciting year. We can't wait to meet you!

Some of our recent accomplishments are:
*Starting an Animal Law course at Boalt;
*Yearly Animal Awareness Week;
*Started a Moot Court Team to go to the Harvard Animal Law Competition (2006);

*Increased the number of student groups who offer vegetarian options at Boalt events;
*Held our own Speaker Series and co-sponsored events with Environmental Law Society

ALS and Food Choices

We welcome everyone who likes animals to our group. Although we only serve vegan food at our events, many of our members are not vegetarian or vegan. Becoming vegetarian or vegan is a personal choice. We welcome people of all eating preferences to all our group and encourage everyone to learn about how meat and animal products are produced and make an educated decision about whether becoming vegetarian or vegan is right for them.


2005-2006 Board

President.....................Yael Livny
Internal V.P..........Janette Caltron
External V.P............Misti Schmidt
Co-treasurer...............Sumin Joo
Co-treasurer.....Marguerite Hogan
Programs Director....Julie Thrower
Secretary...............Laura Morgan


We are always looking for other groups to co-sponsor events with on topics where animal law and other areas of law intersect, such as domestic violence, entertainment law, and social justice.

Please contact us at:


Speaker Series
Animal Awareness Week
Moot Court

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Internat'l Institute of Animal Law
The Animal Law Office (CA)

Animal Legal Defense Fund

United States Humane Society




The Berkeleyan:
Four-legged Law Comes to Berkeley (Feb. 2005)
Download the PDF here.