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The Boalt Hall Animal Law Society is dedicated to educating the law school community about forms of institutionalized animal abuse and fostering awareness about means of combating this abuse through litigation. We hope to provide opportunities, education, assistance, and universal utility to UC Berkeley School of Law students working to promote positive legal protection of animal welfare. The Boalt Animal Law Society also desires to establish a curriculum where interested students can learn about animal rights and litigation strategies in a formal setting.

Spring 2006 Speaker and Flim Series

see our events page for more info.

Animal Awareness Week

and bake sale
March 20-22, 2006
in Boalt Hall, Laub Lobby from 10am-2pm
Monday - Wildlife, Fur, and Entertainment
Tuesday - Companion and Research Animals
Wendesday - Factory Farm Animals





Speaker Series
Animal Awareness Week
Moot Court

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Going vegetarian or vegan?
Check out our list of great vegetarian and vegan recipes

Won't do without the meat?
Consider a more humane source than the factory farm produced animal products:

Some labels don't have standards and have no monitoring or enforcement mechanisms. See the Humane Society of the United States website for information on what packaging labels, such as organic, free-range, and natural, mean for the animals.

The Berkeleyan:
Four-legged Law Comes to Berkeley (Feb. 2005)
Download the PDF here.

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